Thursday, April 4, 2013

Point Blank 2013 New Update

The following is Point blank offline that I test myself, I'm sorry this article because of the Indonesian language should become kasian jelasin later made ​​an egh fitting installnya not understand english reading tutorial increasingly do not understand wrote hahahaha.

ok maybe make agan agan all, nganggep PB offline that I share this is CS 1.6 is already in the mods look like PB (ane included) but actually wrong, it emang Ko Ko point blank a revamped online so offline, create a still confused Monggo read continuation of this writing, do not immediately jump to the download link aja let me understand.

so actually point blank Ko Ko emang offline, without having to connect to the internet, and we are equally BOT game, so we co-star in AI mode (probably for a long time already know what it is to play PB AI mode)

nah and PB is actually another game, clientnya file (the master file) from russia (so sorry wrote that the New Testament language of russia) that so we make own server computers, yes even use russia language there are many benefits that have not come out guns guns in PB Indonesia, and certainly this game mainin ga need to use cash: we are free to choose v weapons / characters / items etc for free, so all the weapons already exist in our inventory: D

yes install PB is actually offline difficult difficult easy, if emang've gimananya certainly understand how easy (yeah sure: v) if blm understand yes definitely hard, ok deh ga ga have much ado clearly, immediately wrote to the download link + how to install it

Point blank if you want to play it, here are the tools at the file:

file server + Database v1.7
Download Client (Client Russia)
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

(If you want to download, register first)
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

pass: private

because a lot of weapons, sound, map the error, the following patch / packnya
Oroch - i3core Dev Team
password: Oroch - i3core Dev Team
Download for 64bit here
Download for 32bit here

Navicat 8.0.18_mysql_en.rar
PB Client IP Editor: Download here
PB Launcher v1.4: download here

Text tutorial install credit nanotech 59Equipment: latest JDK version (x64 = 64bit x86 = 32bit adjust or company), mysql-5.5.29-win32/64 (adjust the company agan), Navicat 8.0.18_mysql_en.rar, PBServerDBi3corev17, lwsi_En.rar (edited to 127.0. 0.1), PB Launcher v1.4 (put it in the folder PointBlankPTS)Steps:Ane took from the forum mods idws with little credit to install jdk 7 update folder name jre7 pke jre7 install java folder (C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jre7) <----- install jre7 open the folder -> jre -> binlu dstu copy and paste all the contents of the file to the bin folder outside jre7 open the folder -> jre -> libslu dstu copy and paste all the contents of the file to a folder outside the jre libsklo fitting error copy all the files open task manager -> procesess -> look at the process end process NMA jqs.exe TRZ5.instal my sql 5.5 -> detailed configuration -> server -> content user root and the password 123456 (another one of his biarin default)Navicat 6.instal klo ud click open new conenction TRZ TRZ contents pass: 1234567.instal sql database (go to pb_database click setup) but before his edit dlu "setup.bat" her knan click edit. klo dstu his innate clay kn C: \ xampp \ MySQL \ bin \ mysql.exe that d change to C: \ Program Files \ MySQL \ MySQL Server 5.5 \ bin \ mysql.exe TRZ jgn password LPA content================================================== =8.trz skrg k pb_auth folder -> configs -> database.ini (fill his password 123456)TRZ file network.ini biarin gt d aj its ip TRZ skrg k pb_game folder -> configs -> database.ini (fill his pw 123456)biarin network.ini file default (ip use your computer can) and (which the [connection])Her server run it (Start Server.cmd) PBServerDBi3corev17 folder.TRZ opened pointblankPTS client folder -> configs folder -> no files lswi_en.sif it lu kn gt pb pke edit config editor for editing jd fox client ip (if you have the fox gan!)then extract PB Launcher v1.4 klo ud put extract the folder PointBlankPTS d,, TRZ open and the contents kek giniusername rootLOGIN 123,456 passwords -> live mainin her pb=============================================NB:-Fitting Navicat game run it, login / auth server and game server jgn d closeN java mysql-ud klo at uninstall -> reinstall 

create a way to move a folder:
use cmd folder <number map> in AI.MODE room chat. then click start game
1 Port Akba
2 Squareindo
3 Library
4 manstation
5 kickpoint
6 Shopping Center
7 burning hall
8 d-squad
9 krackdown
10 saints manstion
11 estern road
12 Downtown
13 Luxiville
14 boom city
15 stormtube
16 Giran [NEW]
17 Breakeown
18 Training Camp
19 Sentry Base
20 Desert Camp [Mini Indonesia]
21 Kick Point
22 Martyr Ridge
23 Supply Base
24 sandstorm
25 Downtown
26 Luxville
27 Outpost
28 Boom City
29 Stormtube
30 Sentry Bse
31 Hospital
31 Hospital
32 Closure
33 Shopping Center
34 sandstorm
35 Breakdown
37 Giran [NEW]
38 Helispot
39 BlackCat
40 TheNest [DINO]
41 Inasion
42 Dino Breakdown
44 Tutorial Mode [NEW]
45 Shopping Center
46 Safari
48 Machu Picchu
49 CargoShip
50 High Rise

cmd folder <map number>

yeah enough already posting about Point Blank Offline [tested] the puanjang really, if you have questions or are confused go directly to the forum wrote kaskus ane find any place where this game: D

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